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the House of Veintiséis

About Us

Growing up, jewelries are an essential part of our daily styling; that piece of statement necklace, hoop earrings, dainty studs and even a promise band. Jewelries are all around us.

However, as modern women, we are no longer in for pieces that tarnish after a couple uses, or leaves us with red/swollen (sometimes even itchy) décolleté and earlobes due to an allergy. Imagine all the evenings out when we had to remove the jewelries that was supposed to finish our look. Instead, it brought us more discomfort than a supposed beautiful evening.

"With good basics, we'll have endless options and we should never have to compromise on quality."

We found that stainless steel is one of the better materials in the market as opposed to costly solid gold pieces or unsustainable fast-fashion pieces. This is when Veintiséis was founded, to bring to you beautiful jewelry of good quality that lasts with proper care.

To all the modern women who looks for nothing less than quality, low maintenance pieces, here we are.

Veintiséis, an accessible demi-fine jewelry label.